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   Its funny how you go through life thinking you have a pretty good handle on who you are an what direction you're headed and all of a sudden, there is a change in direction you never saw coming. And that describes my last six months and my new found passion in modeling. i have to admit, I didn't jim at the offer to model for the Great Model Search last Spring. It took several contacts and a lot of convincing, At 40, I thought modeling was simply an impossibility.

   I finally decided to do the photo shoot more for fun than anything else. But in those few hours something in me clicked. I found a new facet, a new reality about me I didn't know was there. I have very real goals and I'm working hard to achieve them. Now I have found a new passion in modeling. It doesn't compete with my ambitions, it compliments them, sort of a left brain, right brain thing.

  I like doing anything I do, well. Now I am focussed on being the best model I can be, of finding my niche and pursing it. And part of that is opening this fan site. I wanted a place not just to post pictures, but a place to invite

people who would share my passion, who's could help me to be the be the best 

model I can be. So I made it very interactive and that means you are welcome

to enjoy the photos and everything you find only fan site,but you are also invited

to contact me, and allow me to contact you.

   One more thing. I'm a model and some of my photos will be revealing,

some even quite provocative. That's the new me coming out. But please

understand, I'm no porn star, I'm a very real person, a lot like you so

please keep it real. Always treat me with respect and I'll always do

the same with you.

   My fan site will always be free to visit. I do ask that you register so I

can be in contact with you. It takes only a moment and it is also free.

So welcome, enjoy my fan site, the GMS Photoblog and all my Great

Model Search sisters, and let’s have some fun together.

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